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Tales to intrique :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 1 3
the big foster's lebowski :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 8 3
Mature content
Little black courage :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 1 1
Mature content
The Seductive Music of Roxie Rat :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 1 3
Marna + Whiskey = Insanity
“Hey baby what’s your sign?” a man said to a young Kaleesh woman who looked a bit timid to be at a club
“Um w-what?” she said looking at him shyly not getting the played out pick up that he had just used on her.
He gave her a blank look “I asked ‘What’s your sign’, girl you stupid or something?” the guy criticized with an annoyed look on his face
“N-n-no,” she said timidly until a fist had hit the guy in the face sending him into the bar table. She eeped and turned to see who had hit the man and saw her captain “D-Diana you didn’t have to hit him you know…”
“Nonsense Marna he was being an asshole.” She told her friend before patting her head “Why don’t you go off and mingle for awhile you could use it.”
“I don’t know Diana I don’t do so good in public places.” Marna told her meekly
“Pish posh go meet a guy you’ll like it
:iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 1 3
Weasley Twins Reunited- Mischief Managed :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 25 12 R.I.P. Aurora victims and may you rise :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 1 1
Nara's gift
You are a great friend to me
You know how to make me laugh.
You can make me cry.
Whenever you needed someone to talked to, I listened.
When I felt down about my future, you encouraged me.
Although others call you dark, I call you genius.
When some called me insane, you called me brilliant.
Some friendships have limits, but with you no friends should place limits.
We may be miles apart, but to me you are just one walk away.
You inspire me to be a great writer, once I leave home.
Out of everyone I know you're the only one who's ever complimented me on my writing abilities, for not liking to end on to many happy endings.
I love you you are a great friend to me.
Happy birthday Naramana, and may we never have to truly say goodbye to early.
:iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 0 8
Mature content
A-lex 7 shorts 1-3 :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 1 3
Mature content
The Phoenix and the Dragon :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 1 4
Jenny :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 8 7 My 1st Trainer Card :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 2 2 sain :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 1 4 My Symbol :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 4 2 Zombie in Green :iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 5 8
Alpha x Gummie Date
In a house in a sleepy suburban neighborhood a young monkey had awoken from his peaceful sleep from the sound of his doorbell, so he hopped out of his bed to answer the door. when he got their he saw a squirrel girl that glomped him "Alpha!" she said to the monkey smiling. "Gummie-kuu" he said kissing her forehead. "come on get dressed!" Gummie said to him smiling "Uh ok?"
Once he was dressed they went out the door to and started walking to the Moiveplex "Uh Gummie where are you taking me?" "The movies duh." she said with a giggle leading him in to the ticket seller "Two for Grown ups please" she said getting the tickets and paying "get some snacks please alpha" she said smiling cutely "S-sure Gummie-kuu" he said going to get some candy popcorn and drinks for them, but looked around for Gummie "Gummie-kuu?" "Yes?" she said behind him startling him almost dropping the candy "Sorry Alpha"she said sadly. "It's ok Gummie-kuu" he said blushing leading her to the theater that was showing the
:iconwinged-panther:winged-panther 0 11


Kratos Son Ultra HD :iconsonicx2011:SONICX2011 3 0 Tex and her Bitches :iconkareichi:KareIchi 415 158
Mature content
Commission : Harley Quinn X Catwoman :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 758 28
Roodhaar Cover :iconarf:arf 135 5
Mature content
MYDayASanEwok :icononatart:ONATaRT 195 16
DMS - Catwoman and Robin :icononatart:ONATaRT 298 6
Mature content
DMS - Storm and Iceman :icononatart:ONATaRT 59 2
Mature content
trudy proud :icononatart:ONATaRT 94 1 and zarya Body type swap :icononatart:ONATaRT 269 14 Prinny With The Splits :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 307 42 Jason and Wednesday doodles :iconcageyshick05:Cageyshick05 233 18 Wednesday meets Jason :iconcageyshick05:Cageyshick05 334 64 Taking a stroll through the woods :iconxxlevanaxx:XxLevanaxX 57 25 My, you're very tall, mister :iconxxlevanaxx:XxLevanaxX 84 10 Can I keep him, daddy? :iconxxlevanaxx:XxLevanaxX 119 84 .::A kiss good night::. :iconxxlevanaxx:XxLevanaxX 125 56


by vaderaz

This piece is a very excellent blend of colors with which gives it a feel like the official artists had a hand on working with it, plus...

I like the emotion of the piece. I can see, from some point of view, that these two care deeply about each other. The song you choose f...


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Hello, it seems during my long leave of absence people thought I was dead, the messages in my inbox show that. Well I'm alive and well, and it's back to business as usual in fact I owe some friends some things a story to someone I promised to nearly two years ago before my self imposed exile, scripts to a friend, and to you all who are reading this an explanation.

I've be growing staggeringly depressed over the years and around March last year near my birthday I just stopped I just broke down in my dorm room had a panic attack and was just scarred. I couldn't do anything right, smiled like everything was ok, and lashed out a lot to people who didn't deserve it. I've been feeling better lately and feel I'm ready to come back to DA. I just hope that things haven't gone to far to hell while I've been gone.
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United States
I'm Loco xD. But for real I'm mellow off beat can't dance and I love writing

Current Residence: My lamp
Favourite genre of music: Rap/Hip-hop Rock aetc.
MP3 player of choice: None shalt know >8D
Favourite cartoon character: to many



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